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Catalysing Import Substitution on a Transformational Scale

The Large Enterprises Directorate is focused on providing low-cost, long-term funding and financial advice to critical sectors of the Nigerian economy.   The intent is to catalyse domestic production and job creation on a transformational scale, enhance local industry competitiveness, attract domestic and foreign investments, integrate local industries into domestic, regional and global value chains, grow export earnings and positively impact the overall economic prosperity of Nigeria.

The Large Enterprises Directorate also manages special intervention funds provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to support the economy’s power, aviation, manufacturing, cotton, textile and garment sectors. Additionally, the Directorate is also focused on supporting the establishment and revitalization of Special Export Processing Zones and Special Agro Processing Zones working in partnership with key stakeholders like the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Large Enterprise Group

The Large Enterprises Directorate is comprised of ten (10) strategic business groups


Agro Processing Group (APG) is a Business Unit under the Large Enterprises Directorate with a key focus on driving lending and other support services within the non–food (Agro-based) sector of the economy, such as Cotton, Textile and Garment (CTG), Wood, Leather, Rubber and Paper Products to mention a few. 

Over the years, the Bank of Industry has emphasized the growth of Agro-processing and related agric. businesses because the sector not only inspires the virtuous cycle of increased agricultural productivity, and industrialization, along the value chain, but also provides the creation of high domestic employment, poverty reduction and a major frontier of economic transformation in Nigeria.

Products Under Agro-Processing

Culture & Creative Industries

The Creative Industry Group was set up in 2011 to enable the bank to intervene in the sector by financing projects that are viable and consistent with the institution’s developmental policies/roles in the Nation’s economy. The Bank’s decision to set up the department was further justified following the release of the Nation’s rebased GDP in 2013, which revealed that the industry contributed 1.42% to the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Consequently, the creative industry is now considered a critical sector of the economy. 

The Bank also has established several partnerships with various institutions including the British Council and has received numerous mentions for great initiatives in the Creative Industry at various international Fora. This has placed the bank on the global stage of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) that have contributed in no small measure to the growth and development of the Creative Industries.

Products Under Culture & Creative Industries

Engineering and Technology

The Engineering and Technology Group is one out of BOI’s Large Enterprise Directorate Groups, created to serve corporate customers in line with the Bank’s mandate of providing business support and financial assistance for the establishment of large projects as well as expansion, diversification, modernization, and rehabilitation of existing enterprises that engage in manufacturing and value-added services within the following sub-sectors:

  • Engineering: Automobile Assembly and related components manufacturing, Automobile maintenance, Land and Aviation logistics services, Recycling and other closely related businesses.
  • Information, Communication and Technology: Internet Service Providers, Telecommunication, Digital Printing and Advertisement, production of Smart chips and security access cards etc.

The Group remains committed to providing support to the entire value chain within its focus area by rendering financial and business support services to companies. In 2022, a more streamlined focus will be on projects in ICT, Haulage and Logistics and general manufacturing to create and sustain a minimum of 5000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs, facilitate the establishment of projects that can create an avenue for import substitution, increase the likelihood of exporting finished or semi-finished value products and drive awareness for strong support for innovative projects with a bias for technological solutions.

Products Under Engineering & Technology

Food Processing

 The Group focuses on some of the emerging sectors dealing in technology, industrial storage and drying facilities amongst others in the industry. The food and beverage sub-sector of the Food processing industry made up for 4.6% share of the Nigerian manufacturing sector’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP) as of 2020. The sector alone is estimated to contribute 22.5% of the manufacturing industry value.

The Food Processing Group’s priority areas include projects, operations and activities in the following sub-sectors; cocoa processing, food and beverages, fish and seafood processing, rice milling, flour milling, agro-allied, seed milling, oil milling, animal feeds milling, meat processing, biscuits and confectionaries. The Group provides financial and business support for major players in a number of these sub-sectors.

Products Under Food Processing

Gender Business Group

The Gender Business Group’s area of focus is emerging sectors, particularly Women in Businesses irrespective of the sectors.

The sum of N10,500,000.00 billion has been earmarked as a disbursement to projects in 2022 to positively impact the sector through the creation of estimated four thousand (4,000) jobs.

Products Under Gender Business Group

Healthcare and Petrochemicals

The Healthcare and Petrochemicals Group provides support and services to companies that fall under the Healthcare, Personal Care and Petrochemicals sector. The Group plans to grow and diversify its portfolio in 2022 via outreach to emerging sub-sectors, as well as continued support and development of the healthcare industry.

Intervention Funds

The Intervention Funds Group is responsible for managing the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Intervention funds for Power & Airline (PAIF) and Restructuring & Refinancing Facility (RRF). The fund has helped improve access to credit to Manufacturers, Power generation companies & Airlines and to improve liquidity of Deposit Money Banks (DMB) and Development Finance Institutions (DFI). 

Both funds have helped in increasing production output, generating employment, economic diversification and Increasing foreign exchange earnings.

Products Under Intervention Funds

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Group is one of the Bank’s Emerging Business Units, under the Large Enterprises Directorate. The operational plan of the group is built around the Nigerian Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP) and priority given is to segments of the value chain under the group’s purview where Nigeria has comparative and competitive advantages. The group’s primary focus is the promotion of local content development in the oil and gas sector through the provision of financial and business support to indigenous players operating within the sector.

 The Group intends to aggressively seek new risk assets to grow loan books, especially for modular refineries, LPG and CNG projects (Companies engaged in forward integration) with a clear focus on the BOI line of credit. The Group plans to increase its intervention in the Oil and Gas sector by disbursing N20.00 billion by the end of December 2022.

Products Under Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy space in Nigeria has multiple energy sources such as Solar, Hydro, Wind, Biomass and waste to energy, with the most popular one presently being solar energy because of its declining cost and little or no maintenance cost once installed. The market for solar in recent years in Nigeria has gradually expanded and so far it’s the most reliable form of renewable energy after big hydro. Due to the nature and cost of technology, its use is currently widespread across the country both for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. 

The Group provides financial and advisory support services to various commercial and industrial businesses switching their energy needs from fossil fuel to clean and sustainable energy solutions As a Development Bank interested in making a huge impact in the RE sector of the economy, BOI has set aside over N10.0 billion in active investment in the sector in the year 2022. The Renewable Energy Group is also exploring project funding in the Waste to Energy space, Wind, Magnetic Flywheel technology and other sectors as there currently exists a large potential for the technology in Nigeria.

Products Under Renewable Energy

Solid Minerals

Solid Minerals Group’s (SMG) area of focus is solid minerals and metals project financing. The Group’s sub-sectors include cement, ceramic tiles, granite aggregates, roofing sheets, electricity wires and cables, steel and iron products, roofing sheets, electricity meters production companies, etc.

The sum of N27.07 billion has been earmarked as disbursement to projects in 2022 to impact the sector positively through the creation of estimated four thousand (4,000) jobs.

Products Under Solid Minerals


We Create Convenient and Valuable Opportunities for Businesses in Nigeria

  • We ensure that our loan terms are favourable and provided to ensure the greatest levels of success for our beneficiaries.
  • The bank provides extended repayment schedules to give businesses ample time to repay loans and minimise default.
  • All our loans and funds are sector-specific and tailored to the unique needs of micro-enterprises, SMEs and large enterprises.
  • We create direct opportunities as well as in partnership with other stakeholders for improved business performance, as businesses require more than financing to succeed.
  • The bank delivers special support and financing to disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors within the grassroots that are typically underserved but critical to economic prosperity.

Large Enterprise Products

Catalysing Import Substitution on a Transformational Scale


Between 2015 and 2021, the Large Enterprises Directorate has disbursed loans to over 1,074 large enterprises across all sectors of the economy to the tune of N 927.1bn billion, creating an estimated 4,152,233 jobs and further enhancing support to a large number of SMEs that are part of the value chain either as suppliers of inputs or off-takers of our large enterprise output.


Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprise Products

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How do I apply for a BOI loan?

Loans can be applied for either physically or online. For physical application, customers are advised to apply either at any of the BOI branch offices that is closest to them or at the headquarters (for loan applications that are N1bn and above). Customers who want to apply online can do so by applying on the bank’s website or by clicking the link to apply.

How do I ensure my project is eligible for financing?

There are criteria that must be met for a project to be eligible for financing. These include:

  1. Businesses must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  2. Businesses must have their audited financial statements (if existing)
What are the required documents for loan application?

There is a checklist that can guide loan applicants. The list of requirements to apply for a loan can be found on the Bank’s website. Please click here for Pre and Post Approval documentation requirements. (LE checklist link)

Is there a checklist that guides my application for a loan?

Yes, there is a checklist that can guide loan applicants. The list of requirements to apply for a loan can be found on the Bank’s website. Please click here for Pre and Post Approval documentation requirements.

Where do I submit my loan application?

All loan applications are submitted at the respective groups within the head office. However, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that processing of the loan application does not commence until all documents stated in the checklist are provided. (Our Locations)


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